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So, I’m watching again “Like a Virgin”, from Season 6. And I remember
that, a few days ago, I saw a post saying things like “If you type
‘CASS’ instead of ‘CAS’, you’re not a real Supernatural fan”. So guys,
news flash: the subtitles of the episode in DVD says it’s “CASS”, as
you can see. So, you shouldn’t judge people about this. Let’s just be
happy together. :D

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OMG, I just saw that Green-Lantern is gay. They will publish it in the
next HQ. That’s amazing. But it’s awful to see so many bad comments
about, most of them saying that this is a terrible example for the

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Don’t mind me, but this episode of Simpsons with Lady Gaga is fucking
hilarious. XD

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Omg, I laughing so hard right now due the last Misha’s tweets. XD His
Portuguese is getting better, better than my English.

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Finally stopped raining here. I love the rain, really, but it’s good to see
some rays of light in the sky again.
It’s time to go back to work. Have a nice day, guys.


Misha on Ringer is stupidly beautiful. I can’t breath. I need a Dylan
in my life just like him. D:

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